Friday , 3 July 2015
Mobil Idola
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aneka jenis bohlam HID

BOHLAM lampu HID murah meriah tetapi high quality !!!!

Spoiler for bohlam H1:
Spoiler for bohlam H3:
Spoiler for bohlam H4 single:
Spoiler for bohlam H7:
Spoiler for bohlam H4 bixenon hi/lo:
Spoiler for bohlam D2R:
Spoiler for bohlam 9006:
Spoiler for bohlam 9005:

Harga RP. 300.000 kecuali H4 bixenon hi/lo RP. 450.000

Daftar stock :

1. H1 4300K
2. H3 6000K
3. H4 4300K & 6000K ( single )
4. H7 6000K
5. H11 4300K & 6000K
6. D2R 6000K
7. 9005 6000K
8. 9006 6000K
9. H4 Bixenon hi/lo 6000K

jika berminat silahkan PM / hub / sms ke 081350523699

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