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Peralatan otomotif u/ bengkel mobil

Jual peralatan bengkel mobil
  1. TECNOTEST SMOKEMETER 495-01 made in ITALY merk SPX Corp. untuk mesin diesel…&id_cam_app=14
    • Smoke meter chamber mod 495/01 analyses the degree of opacity in diesel engine exhaust gas.

      Base on the absorption of a light beam by the smoke, the utilized technology guarantees both reliability and accuracy when it come to results.

      The instruments is present for serial connection to the multi-operative centers of the Visa family and computer unit series.

  2. STARGAS 898 GLOBAL DIAGNOSIS made in ITALY merk OTC/SPX Corp. untuk mesin bensin…&id_cam_app=14
    • STARGAS 898: gas analyser, smokemeter, autodiagnostics

      Stargas is an analyser that works both as measuring unit and as a multi-use unit without being connected to a PC.

      The unit switches easily from exhaust gas testing to diagnosis or oscilloscope functions and technical database.
      The instrument is equipped with a 256-color display unit .The program graphics can be further enhanced by the connection to any monitor or colour monitor.
      Stargas may also be remotely controlled through an alphanumeric keyboard equipped with an infrared remote control.
      Thanks to its limited weight and size and the option of being battery powered, the unit may be used in the mobile stations or on road tests. Retrieved data can be stored to enable delayed graphic displaying.

      Petrol engine exhaust gas analysis
      Stargas 898 is the first exhaust gas analyser to be OIML Class 0 type approved.
      The technology used makes it already suitable for use in testing brought about by changes in European emissions regulations.
      Stargas can carry out the following measurements:

      * CO, CO2, HC, O2, NOx (optional), Lambda, RPM, Engine Temperature;
      * Integrated RPM measurement from the battery;
      * Environmental condition measurement: temperature, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, Lambda Test (1V/5V).

      Smokemeter – Gas and smoke combined analysis: When connected to the smoke measurement chamber, Stargas 898 can carry out diesel engine emission opacity measurement.

  3. SUPER SCANNER X-431 made in CHINA merk LAUNCH
    • X431 auto scan tool is a new generation of product developed by Launch Tech. ItÂ’s a perfect marriage between automotive electronic technology and information networking. X431 adopts open diagnostic technology, which is the most advanced in the world as well as the future of automotive diagnosis. It carries PDA functions apart from reading trouble code, data stream and actuation test, sensor waveform and digital code control.

Kondisi alat : 2nd/bekas
Yg perlu diservice :

    • Kalibrasi(lama gak kepakai takut tdk akurat)
    • Sensor oksigen hrs ganti(bkn krn rusak memang ada umurnya 1th hrs ganti)
    • Ganti LCD Touch Screen

Harga penawaran :

  1. STARGAS 898 dan SMOKEMETER 30jt (belum termasuk ongkir)
  2. SUPER SCANNER LAUNCH 3.5jt (belum termasuk ongkir)

Spoiler for SMOKEMETER:

Spoiler for STARGAS 898:

Spoiler for kelengkapan Smokemeter & Stargas 898:

Spoiler for launch:

Spoiler for kelengkapan launch:

Spoiler for sensor O2 stargas yg hrs diganti:

Spoiler for lain2:


  • Jual apa adanya sesuai kondisi
  • Harga nego tipis
  • COD Surabaya
  • Luar kota kirim lewat TIKI/JNE
  • Ongkir ditanggung pembeli
  • PM/SMS only 031-60746565

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